Why is thermal bridge a problem?

Thermal bridges

Because the heat that „migrates” from inside to outside significantly increases the heating cost of the house just like, „we would heat the street”. The surfaces inside that we feel cold reduces our comfort sense and the pleasant room temperature can only be ensured by disproportanely high overheating.  Each celsius we could reduce the temperature of the room with, would mean a nearly  6-7% energy saving. The cold side of the internal thermal bridges could result in moisture condensation which can generate mould that could harm our health. >>>>> more


In the summer heat the electricity bill can cause a very unpleasant surprise to those homeowners whose houses are not properly insulated.

However, in a house which has good insulation the charges of air-conditioning, so the energy fee of the use of air-conditioner can be reduced by almost 50-70 percent. >>>>> more