Extra thick thermal insulation to develop energy-saving houses with higher convenience grade that take care of the environment.

This is a proper facade thermal insulation system which enables developing houses with law energy consumption or even passive houses. The most important element of the system is its enlarged-thickness -could be 15-30 cm thick- polistirol plate. With the employment of the complete system the heat loss of the different building surfaces –floor, footing, facade, slab roof- could be reduced to the minimum.


Why do we insulate the roof and the wall first of all?


Inefficent insulation of the roof and facade is responsible for 70% of the energy loss. The extra thick thermal insulation has the greatest saving in these areas.


Flashy exterior, pleasant interior

The professionaly designed facade thermal insulation is a decisive element of the aesthetic value of the house, at the same time it is the most important tool of energy-saving. Ideally the insulation that has been made without heat bridges provides a standard, pleasant temperature and a healthier environment. (draught and mould exempt premises)*

*perfect insulation and higher comfort are indispensable elements of high quality windows and ventilation system.


We strongly recommend it!

The double thick thermal insulation doesn’t cost twice as much! The systems thermal insulation quality is determined by the thickness of the polistirol plate. But because the thermal insulation plate is only one element of the system the double plate won’t increase the price. The implementation costs are the same as well.


Think about the future!


Think about the future!

You would like to minimize the energy consumption of your house but you find the mechanical elements for a passive house too expensive? With cautious planning the adequate thermal insulation system can later be completed with the neccessary ventillation tools. The strength of the passive house is the perfect insulation without thermal bridges. Nowdays, this is available to everyone.


It is a safe investment

We can’t do much about the ever growing energy prices. However, we can choose the insulation system of our house. This is a safe investment that will pay back for sure. A house that has low consumption uses by far less energy like a conventional building. In a case of a passive house the saving can go up to 85%.


Environment conscious building method

Buildings with low energy consumption less oppress the environment due to reduced harmful substance emission. Apply thermal insulation system that points to the future. Choose Masterplasts Passive Insulation system!

Why is it worth it to insulate your house with the elements of the Passive Insulation system?
-when you insulate the facade and roof, the buildings heatloss can be reduced by 70% which means energy-saving
- the extra thick insulation isn’t expensive: it is only one element of the system
-a house that is perfectly insulatied can later turn into a passive house further decreasing the energy costs
- the professionally designed  insulation is the most decisive element of the inside space